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December 2020 - NHS 111


On the 1st December the NHS introduced a new system called NHS 111 First. If you have an urgent, but not life-threatening health problem you can now contact NHS 111 First to find out if you need to go to A&E.

NHS 111 can book you an appointment at your local A&E or emergency department. This means you will have an allocated time to attend hospital and be treated, so you don’t have to wait a long time to be seen and can also help services avoid becoming overcrowded.

Find out more here

November 2020 - Local Support

A huge thank you to the Southwater community and the Coop for supporting the Community Responders over the past year. This short video will give you insight into how we use your donations. #itswhatwedo #itwhatyoudo

October 2020 - New Volunteer


Southwater CFRs would like to welcome Rob Warde who recently volunteered to manage Southwater CFR social media accounts and website. 

"Wanting a challenge as well as the opportunity to support a local organization and give something back to the community. ‘I’d like to raise awareness of the Southwater CFR activities whilst providing information that the local community may find useful"


Rob Warde, is a software developer for a gas company based in Guildford. A Southwater resident since 2013 he lives in the village with his fiancé and two teenage daughters. 

February 2020 - New Team Member

The Southwater Community First Responders Team was pleased to welcome John Walters to the team, John complete his 5 day training programme with SECAmb late 2019 and has been learning on the Job with other Team member during the start of 2020. John has been involved in First Aid for a while, with St John's Ambulance.


Having suitably trained and equipped First Responders in our area such as John who can give rapid and appropriate help to people suffering cardiac arrest, choking and other severe life-threatening episodes can literally be the difference between life and death.

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