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December 2018 - Christmas Day Park Run
Park Run Southwater 002 2018 .jpg

On Christmas Day the Horsham Park Run was held at  Southwater Country Park, when most people where enjoying the start of Christmas Day in the warmth of their homes, over 200 Park run members ran  5Km around Southwater Country Park, they kindly invited Southwater Community First Responders to attend and collect money to support the local life saving group.

November 2018 - CO-OP Defibrillator

Thanks to Simon l'anson, Manager of Southwater Co-op, the Co-op Community Fund has been very beneficial for Southwater Responders. Via the Community Fund Southwater Co-Op members have now paid for an all-weather secure cabinet and state-of-the-art defibrillator to be fitted to the exterior wall of the co-op (facing The Lintot) where it will be available 24/7 in the event of any local residents needing it. As with several of the other new PADs (Public Access Defib) it was installed by Chris from CBS Electrical in Lintot Sq.

Thank you Simon, Chris and all of the co-op customers for enabling this.

The PAD will be registered with SECAmbS who will direct people to it when appropriate. This is the 5th new PAD installed in the village this year.

Southwater Community Responders will be running awareness and familiarisation sessions covering Defibs and CPR early in the New Year that will be open to any/all village residents.

October 2018 - Foxfield Defibrillator
Screenshot 2018-12-30 at 13.53.07.png

Once upon a time there was a BT K6 telephone box at Foxfield Cottages that had fallen into disrepair and was no longer wanted by BT. Nancy thought it could be put to better use and had the idea to put a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) in it!

Pauline from Southwater Community Responders said they could help; Debs and the wonderful crew at Cocos Southwater said they would pay for it; Antony repaired the glass and made it all a bit sounder; Sarah & Sarah restored it to its original Post Office Red grandeur; Phil installed the mountings for the cabinet; Lewis and his mate did the electrics i.e. installed the cabinet - and a light!; Southwater Responders installed the defibrillator.


Thank you to everyone who has helped bring this about - PAD number 4 out of 8 that we are installing around the village.

May 2018 - Country Park Defibrillator
Screenshot 2018-12-30 at 14.13.02.png

On May 3rd a Public Access Defibrillator was installed in Southwater Country Park - it is on the exterior wall of the cafe. This has been funded and managed jointly by Southwater Responders and HDC - and in particular the Southwater Country Park Rangers. In the event of anyone needing access to the defibrillator 999 call handlers will provide the cabinet key-code. Modern defibs are completely self explanatory to use i.e. they tell you what to do!

On the 3rd Pauline Flores-Moore, Teamleader of Southwater Responders gave a CPR demonstration and talked through the use of the defib.

Thank you to the Country Park Cafe for the use of the cafe and to the Village Hall Ctte for the use of their manikins.

This is the first of several PADs we will be installing in Southwater. We have the Shipley Rd phone kiosk firmly in our sights now as we have resolved the electricity supply issues and can get on with refurbing and fitting out the box. 

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