The Magnificent Seven


Southwater Community First Responders are a group of 7 individuals that work in a wide range of roles, including HR, Management Consultant, IT, Healthcare, Engineering, Leisure & Training.


Together we form a great team that works hard and plays hard (not on school nights now due to our ages!).


Several team members have over 10 years’ experience in being CFR’s, and a few are the newbies with less than a years experience, however we work very closely as a team, supporting each other with our niche experiences and knowledge..


The team is lead by the Angela who has over 10 years experience of being a CFR along with working in Healthcare for many years ensure we are all doing the right thing.

The team is extremely luckily to also have its own Secamb approved trainer Nick, who ensures we are all up  to speed with the latest requirements to delivery first class care and support on behalf of Secamb.

Angela Small

Nick Dowling

Pauline Flores-Moore

Simon Francis

Michael Durrant

Jo Miles

John Waters

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