November 2020

Local Support


Just a reminder than you can support Southwater Community First Responders every time you shop in the Coop. When members buy (selected) Coop products the Coop donates 1% to local causes. This has resulted in tens of thousands of pounds being handed back to Southwater charities since the scheme started.

For 2019/20 the three projects are:
The Youth Project
Castlewood School
Community First Responders

If you are a Coop member you now need to log in to your account and select the cause you would like to support.

If you use the Lintot Sq Coop regularly but aren't already a member you should consider becoming one as you will: receive a 5% rebate into your membership account on most spend, get special offers promotions and discounts, and be able to contribute 1% to local causes.


Funding Southwater Community Responders receive this year is likely to go towards:
Replacing some soon to be out-of-date defibs
Providing kit for new team members
Increasing our range of training aids and materials.


All of which helps us save lives, and promote well-being & recovery by providing greater levels of emergency care in the village.


Southwater CFRs would like to welcome Rob Warde who recently volunteered to manage Southwater CFR social media accounts and website. 

"Wanting a challenge as well as the opportunity to support a local organization and give something back to the community. ‘I’d like to raise awareness of the Southwater CFR activities whilst providing information that the local community may find useful"


Rob Warde, is a software developer for a gas company based in Guildford. A Southwater resident since 2013 he lives in the village with his fiancé and two teenage daughters. 

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October 2020
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